We are closed only on Christmas and New Year.

About Northgate Medical Center

Founded over 30 years ago, our medical practice provides high-quality clinical care mostly in the area of Family Medicine and other allied health professionals through the expertise of some of the best clinical practitioners in the city of Regina.

Our respectable, compassionate and competent family physicians and allied practitioners care deeply about the overall well-being of our patients, applying a holistic approach when dealing with patients to help address problems or concerns relating to the physical, mental and social aspects of health. Our physicians and practitioners focus on patients as individuals, and not as a collection of symptoms – a classic patient-centered approach.

Our fully-equipped state-of-the-art clinical facilities ensure easy accessibility of patients to physicians, by providing truly extended hours from 8am-9pm M-F and 9am-9pm Sat/Sunday and 10am-5pm on STAT holidays. We are only closed two days of the year, Christmas and new year day. We are the only clinic that offers such extended hours in the province of Saskatchewan. We can offer foregoing due to the self-less dedication of our over 10 physicians and 15 administrative staff.

Knowing well that technology is highly imperative when delivering high standards in clinical medicine, our clinical facility offers ultra-modern services that include same-day bed-side ECG to help diagnose many common heart problems in the patients we serve. Additionally, we provide on-site ultrasound and X-ray services, both in partnership with the Radiology Associates of Regina; spirometry testing and PHC counselling in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

We do provide a diverse of health services, from complete physicals to chronic diseases management, minor surgery, and cosmetic procedures. For the convenience of our patients, there is a pharmacy next door in both locations as well as laboratories as close as 3 minutes walking distance from our premises.

We do understand the world is fast changing and the need for continuing medical education and collaboration is essential. So, our teams are aware of new advances, tendencies and good practices in the medical-scientific world and coordinating our patients’ care with the city’s best specialists, whenever needed.

The Northgate Medical Centre firmly believe that healing a patient start with an attitude of excellent service delivery. Our philosophy is striving to be the best in what we do. If you are ever in need of our clinical services, please feel free to call us directly at (306) 543-4566 and one of our medical receptionist will be happy to help you out or you can visit any of our locations at 2711 Avonhurst Drive besides the Giant Tiger at the Towers Mall in Regina; 489 Albert Street North at the Northgate Mall besides the Shoppers Drug Mart.