An X-ray is a quick, painless test that produces images to examine many parts of the body.

Our onsite X-ray examination is performed and interpreted by experienced and professional X-ray Technicians. In partnership with the Radiology Associates of Regina (RAR), they are responsible for the reporting. Our X-ray department is open 6 days a week, Monday till Friday from 8am – 7pm and on Saturdays from 9am till 5pm. It may take 1 – 2 days to get your X-ray results, which will be explained to you by your physician or the referring physician. However, if there are findings that require immediate attention or in an emergency, our X-ray Technicians can have your results available to the referring physician or a physician onsite in minutes.

Types of X-ray:

Chest Xray

Chest X-ray is used to examine lung infections or conditions such as evidence of pneumonia, tuberculosis or lung cancer. Signs of heart failure or changes in blood flow to the lungs and heart can show up on chest X-rays.

Bones and Teeth

X-ray can reveal signs of arthritis, fractures and infections and bone tumor.


Digestive tract problems can be revealed by X-ray, including if someone, especially a child, swallows something like a coin an, x-ray can show the location of the object.

What to expect

Our X-ray technicians are well-trained and gentle with all patients. They will positions your body to get the necessary views for examination. It is important that you stay completely still, even sometimes holding your breath to avoid moving, to prevent blurry images.

Depending on the type of X-ray, the procedure may take from a few minutes to more than an hour for more complex procedures.


Generally, radiation exposure from an X-ray is low, and the benefits from an X-ray examine far outweigh the risks.

Nevertheless, if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant, tell your doctor before undergoing an X-ray. If your doctor has any concerns they may consider another kind of imaging test like ultrasound.

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