About Us

Our Mission

We strive to improve lives by providing quality and convenient health care services to all patients. We want PATIENTS to endorse our services to families and friends. We want our PHYSICIANS and EMPLOYEES to be proud of our organization and INVESTORS to seek us for valuable and sustainable investment.


Northgate Medical Center is a comprehensive family medicine practice in Regina, Saskatchewan, located a few blocks from all major hospitals in Regina. Our services also include those of a counselor to people of all ages by combining various skills and expertise to span your entire health care needs.

Founded over 30 years ago, our medical practice provides uninterrupted, high quality family and esthetic medicine services by our competent physicians in Regina. Currently, there are 13 physicians and one registered nurse working across our three (3) locations in Regina. The Clinic is one of the oldest and over the years has become one of the busiest walk in clinics in Regina. Our facility is housed in a modern 8,000-square feet facility with state-of-the-art amenities. We perform ECG, Ultrasound and X-ray onsite, including Spirometry testing and free health care counselling session’s. There is a pharmacy next door and the lab is a 3-minute walk away at our Avonhurst location in Regina.

Our physicians are respectable, compassionate and competent professionals. We get immense satisfaction from going the extra mile to help each individual patient. Besides, we can provide you with a full gamut of health services, from complete physicals to chronic disease management, minor surgery to cosmetic procedures.

Moreover, we believe in a collaborative effort. We ensure that we coordinate your care with region’s specialist whenever needed.

We also believe in continuing education and growth. Since its inception, The Northgate Medical Center has established partnership with various organizations to ensure quality health care services are within the reach of every patient. We ensure this reach through our growing partnership with the Radiology Associate of Regina (RAR) and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

We aim to continually build valuable partnerships and invest resources which enables us to adapt to changes in consumer taste and preferences brought about by changes in the region’s population and demand for improved health care. We combine all our efforts in every circumstance to put our patients first.

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